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GDPR February 2023


Woodspring Wings prides itself in being a good neighbor to the local community. The club is situated well outside the separation distance from housing advised for a model aviation club, but we recognize that sometimes people might be concerned about the noise created by some models. We endeavor to ensure that this does not happen. We have a series of informal procedures, monitored by the club’s committee, and provide guidelines for appropriate management of sound levels generated by models.

The sounds that come from our field may be more unusual than others in the area, and as a result, might be more readily noticed when they occur. Testing has shown that the noise levels from the field are quite low and other environmental noises such as local road traffic and the M5 produce far higher levels.

However, if anyone has any concerns, please contact the committee noting the time and date of any incident, and the club’s committee will investigate the issue.

Members with an aircraft thought to be abnormally noisy should contact the committee to arrange noise testing.

Approved by the committee 10th Jan 2024