The field will be open for flying once again from Monday 29th March.
This will be on the same basis as before (maximum 10 in attendance etc). Attached are those details which you will be familiar with from the previous openings. We are taking a cautious approach to begin with until we can better assess risks. Of course, there will be further relaxations from lockdown in April and beyond and hopefully we can move towards further relaxations for those attending the field as a consequence. In the meantime, I hope we can all recognise that whilst risks of infection have reduced and many members will have had vaccinations, we still need to have care whilst at the field if we are to stay safe from this unpleasant disease.

Please take a minute to familiarise yourself with these rules. In addition, can I also remind you of the following:

  • The gate code of many years standing has been changed and you will find the new code on your membership card.
  • Please remember to log your arrival and exit from the field with the test and trace system. (Or when you return home).
  • Your models need to display the updated CAA Operator number which you will have been sent by BMFA/CAA.
  • The Club has many very experienced flyers but there are some of us who are less skilled. After such a long break from flying it is worth taking your time and checking your model carefully before flying. Perhaps start with something more expendable (Wot4 foamy season?).
  • Take a dustbin bag just in case 😊

Temporary Changes to Club Rules and Arrangements to Allow Members to Fly at the Field From March 29th 2021

Changes to Club Rules
This set of temporary rules has been established by the Club Committee in order to enable members to fly at the field whilst minimising the risks to COVID 19 and adhering to Government legislation and restrictions. These rules are based on risk assessments which have been carried out and enable the field to be designated a COVID secure area.
It must be understood that these measures are not optional and if members find them too onerous then they must either not fly or find another venue from which they can do so.
These temporary arrangements are solely to ensure the safety of those members wishing to use the field to fly models. The restrictions they impose are intended to minimise risk to others from exposure to COVID19 should a member contract the virus and bring the infection to the field.
Consequently, we are imposing systems which seek to limit time at the field and contact with others.
The BMFA mantra of ARRIVE, FLY, GO HOME is a primary consideration and the Committee is seeking only to fulfil the need to fly and not social interaction. Whilst the latter is a key element of Club activity in normal times it represents significant risk during this pandemic.

Temporary Arrangements

  1. If you attend the field, you must follow government instruction and allow at least 2m between you and other people.
  2. If you or someone you have been in contact with displays symptoms of the virus you must not attend the field until you have self-isolated for 2 weeks.
  3. The maximum number of members active on the field is 10 at any time.  If you arrive and there are already 10 in attendance you must wait in your vehicle.  Those already active must watch out for new arrivals and move on so as to give others a turn. 
  4. When you park do so in a way which enables you to maintain social distancing from others loading and unloading and in a way which does not constrict the movement of others.
  5. There will be a limited number of spaced benches available for use and you must centre your activities around the pits area and keep away from the hut and gazebo area so as to maintain a safe distance from others. Members must avoid gathering around pits benches. If advice is sought it must be done so at a safe distance and gloves should e worn or hand gel used if touching someone else’s model.
  6. A maximum of two pilots flying at any one time is permitted but they must occupy the pilot boxes either side of the taxiway in use so as to maintain social distancing.
  7. You should at least have available hand gel but may wish to also include gloves and masks.  The choice is yours, but you must provide your own.
  8. The Club hut will be unlocked to enable access to the defibrillator and the charging booth circuit breaker but because of its confined space, you must not use it otherwise.*
  9. Two charging booths have been setup to allow charging of batteries whilst remaining distanced. Please switch off the supply if last to leave (marked inside the hut), give plenty of space to those using the booths and please remove all your charging kit after each charge. You may wish to consider having antiseptic wipes available to clean the areas on which your charger/batteries will stand before and after use. 
  10. The Flight Board on which flying members hang their cards is suspended from use until further notice as it presents a risk of cross contamination.
  11. Training is permitted with instructor and student occupying each of the pilot boxes in use with a long buddy lead (5m) or radio/Bluetooth connection between transmitters. Should the instructor need to adjust the student’s transmitter they should do so while maintaining 2m minimum distancing and sanitising the box before hand it back (or wear gloves).
  12. The extending bridge will be left half extended so that a single person can wind it the rest of the way in order to retrieve models that have landed out. When you have finished return the bridge to that half-extended position.  You must be watched over by at least one other club member to ensure your safe return to the Club side.
  13. The toilet may be used but you are advised to limit its use and use hand gel afterwards and leave it as clean as you can. The contractors carry out a deep clean when they empty the toilet.
  14. Members may bring 1 partner/spouse with them to the field, but all other rules remain, the partner/spouse should remain in the visitor areas of the field away from other pilots. This is not for social gathering.
  15. If numbers at the field are small members are advised to lock the gates. If larger numbers are present then the gate should be closed but need not be locked. This is to discourage visitors from turning up to the field. If visitors do turn up they should be politely turned away. There are
    notices on the gate to that effect.
  16. All other Club rules apply as usual.

*If you are the last person to leave please ensure that the hut is locked and the gate is locked behind you

Colin Staff
Club Chairman on behalf of the Committee.
Updated 25 March 2021