About Us

Woodspring Wings MAC is one of the few model-flying clubs in the UK to own its own site. The flying field and the two adjacent fields (also owned by the Club) total about 21 acres of flat land bordered by streams and ditches in a remote part of the North Somerset Levels.
Aerial view of Airfield

aerialSince purchasing the flying field 13 years ago, the Club has provided a tarmac runway, pits and taxi-ways as well as a club-house and other facilities. Trees planted at the time of purchase are now mature and shield the buildings from the nearby road so that our “footprint” on the landscape is made as unobtrusive as possible. The same thinking has guided the Club with regard to strict noise control measures and we are pleased to state that no complaints have been received since we first occupied the site.

The whole area has been appointed a “Site of Special Scientific Interest”. This has placed an extra burden of responsibility on the Club and we have been pleased to comply with all SSSI requirements concerning land management, in some cases going “the extra mile” providing, for example, wild-life habitats around the borders of our property.

Members’ families have not been forgotten and are encouraged to enjoy the peaceful surroundings, benches, barbecue, and tables in the Members’ Enclosure, and to attend various social events that take place throughout the year.

The flying calendar includes our Woodspring Wings Weekend Show in July each year. This has become one of the top events in the UK regularly attracting over 6000 visitors from all over the country and mainland Europe. Top pilots get to show the public their skills and fabulous models in non-stop action, interspersed with exciting displays by full-size aircraft. Later in the year we host our “E-Fly”; an increasingly popular event for electric powered models.

Club members are active in all areas of radio-controlled aircraft, including helicopters, jets, and gliders, as well as the more usual fixed wing models. Some of the largest models in the world have been built by our members and campaigned at Shows throughout the summer, in this country and abroad.

We run a training scheme for all new members requiring tuition; the aim being to help them progress to the nationally standardised “A” Certificate.

Present Club membership stands at 170. There is a membership limit and a waiting list for adult members, but not for juniors, who are always actively encouraged to join.